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**Because in case you were starting to wonder if it was actually possible for you…it’s time you heard the truth: YOU CAN.





  • Have access to the exact success strategies that have helped top business leaders, olympic athletes, and us to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and feel fulfilled while doing it. (We’re talking how to stop scrolling past the life you wish you were living and how to ACTUALLY start living it!)

  • Have fill in the blank templates and step by step lessons to not only help you understand why these strategies work but also to show you how to make them WORK. FOR. YOU.

  • Listen in on our exact process as we strategize and use these templates to create results and success in our own life. (We’re sharing personal stories and everything you need to know to get yours right too!)

  • Be part of a community of other like-minded leaders and world-changers where you can get the support and accountability you need to make your dreams happen.

  • Get our #1 productivity strategy that has helped us to beat procrastination, revolutionize our workflow, and accomplish any task in less time. #GETYOURTIMEBACK



+ You’re trying to figure out your purpose, what you actually want in life, and how to get it

+ You’re making progress but still have questions and think there’s probably more you could and should be doing to supercharge your results

+ You have big goals and have accomplished a lot but you’re ready to go to the next level. You want to tackle even bigger goals and function at a higher level of productivity and success. #MADEFORMORE

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I N T R O D U C I N G . . .


The comprehensive roadmap for taking dreams to reality designed for the next generation of leaders, go-getters, and passionate influencers like YOU!


Here’s what people are saying…

“It has helped me start to change some habits I haven’t been proud of and rethink what I really want in life.”

“The class helped kick my butt into gear, so I owe you both.”

“The templates have been crazy helpful!”

“I enjoy your positive energy in presenting the material.”

“I seriously love everything about it!!!”


 Take It From Us…

Growing up, we saw the lives of successful people who were living their dreams, accomplishing incredible goals, and making a positive impact by helping so many others. And we thought…why not us too? How is it that these people were able to achieve so much, while for so many others their goals remained a pipe dream?

After studying under a successful mentor for several years, reading hundreds of books, attending training events and conferences, and even getting master’s degrees in the field, we developed our own system of strategies that got results.

People would often ask us how we had accomplished so much at such young age and would seek our advice to help them do the same. We wanted to point them in a direction, but there wasn’t a roadmap or comprehensive resource with a step-by-step guide of how to actually get results. So…we made it!

Our vision was this: to unlock the secrets of the successful for the next generation of leaders. To take what has formerly been reserved for the corporate executives, elite athletes, academics, or older professionals, and bring it to the new wave of go-getters, passionate influencers, and young leaders. (aka designed for people like us…like YOU!

So here it is. It’s changed our lives and made our dreams of being an author, earning numerous academic awards, becoming a professor, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes we believe in, dancing title roles in numerous productions, traveling the world, and becoming entrepreneurs come true (just to name a few!) And it’s helped so many more.

So what about you?



so that you can start living your dream life:



As soon as you enroll, you’ll get access to all of the content. And you can take it as slow or as fast as you want. Use the digital workbook or get the AMAZING printed version, and start learning our very best strategies. Yes, the ones that Oprah Winfrey’s life coach teaches, Tony Robbins’ mentor pioneered, and olympic athletes have used to win the gold. No dry theories. We promise to keep it life changing and FUN. Because we’re all about adventure.



As you embark on this adventure of living your dream life, check in with the private Aretios Masterclass Community to connect with current students and graduates of the program. Make friends, get encouragement and accountability from like-minded leaders—and get your questions answered.
Plus, we’ll be in there too!



At the end of six weeks, you’ll have gained all the tools you need to actually live the life you’ve always wanted .You’ll not only have a game plan for where you’re going, but also six weeks of progress, the strategies to supercharge your results, and a team to help you get there.
This is where life change happens.




• module one •

+ How to figure out what your dream life looks like

+ How to find your passion and figure out what you’re good at

+The signs and signals to know if you’re living your best life


• module two •

+ How to stop living in doubt and fear of failure

+ How to increase your self-confidence and self-worth

+ How to handle critics, difficult people, and those who’ve hurt you


• module three •

+ How to start taking action and stay motivated

+ How to make your big goals attainable without lowering your standards

+ How to change your habits to reach your dreams

+ How to find fulfillment in the everyday pursuit of your dream life

+ Where to find a community


• module four •

+ How to balance it all

+ The best way to manage your time when doing multiple projects

+ How to stay focused but not feel isolated


• module five •

+ How to know when you’re ready

+ Is it too late to start living my dream life?

+ Should I quit my job?

+ How to be realistic about deciding if money is more important than being happy

+ What to do if you’ve already reached your big goal


• module six •

+ Does spirituality play a part in my dream life?

+ How to get in tune with your spiritual self

+ What you should know about daily routines

+ How to incorporate spirituality into decision making

+ How your dream fits into the grand scheme of life

That’s SIX interactive video modules! $1,997 VALUE





•bonus #1• $597 value

Aretios Masterclass Workbook


+ Aretios Masterclass Notesheets

For each lesson, we’ve made fill in the blank notes so you’re SURE to capture all the important points to refer to at any time.

+ Stories & Action Steps

See concepts in action and exactly how they apply to you

+ Aretios Masterclass Templates

We’ve taken out all the guesswork to make getting results as simple as possible

+ Curated Weekly Resources

Want to know more about a topic? We’ve put together extra resources about each week’s topics in case you want to go deeper. Plus they range from books and videos to podcasts and articles so there’s something for every learning style.


•bonus #2• $297 value
Chat With Us Audios

Never get lost on how to fill out the templates. For each week’s content, we sit down and walk you through how to fill out the templates, what we wrote on ours, and share our personal stories all in an easy-to-listen-to podcast format.


•bonus #3• $997 value
LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

Each month, join us for LIVE group coaching calls where we deliver fresh insights and answer your questions. This is where we check in with each other, get motivated, and celebrate the wins.

*access to at least 6 LIVE sessions or recordings of LIVE group coaching sessions


•bonus #4• $497 value

Private Masterclass Community

You’ll never be on your own throughout the course because inside the private masterclass community are other like-minded leaders on this journey with you (and us!) to support you every step of the way!


•bonus #5• $197 value
Productivity Plan with Audio Training

This will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Learn how to accomplish any task in less time. Goodbye procrastination, hello productivity.




The Aretios Masterclass is your step-by-step guide for how to start living your dream life. We give you all the success strategies you need, answer all the tough questions, and equip you with the tools that will bring you the results you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, we’ll be leading you through the adventure!

You’ve seen how this is worth $4,582, which we could charge, but we want to make this accessible so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted. The one that ONLY YOU can live! The world needs what you’ve got, and we want to save you all the time and money we invested so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So, if you want to join a movement and be a part of the next generation of leaders who are stepping up, choosing to believe that they were made for more and deciding to live up to the life they are capable of, then this is your chance.





“The Masterclass is a great tool to help you build the life you’ve always envisioned.

It helped motivate me to finally begin on taking some career steps I had been delaying.”

-CJ H., Tennessee, USA


“WOW! I can’t believe how good this Masterclass was.

Sometimes my dreams and goals are intimidating to me because they are BIG and BOLD and I want them so bad. In this Masterclass, you helped me walk through my goals and dreams and break them up into smaller steps.

Thank you for making this so fun, practical, and life changing.”

-Emily W., Idaho, USA


“The material in the Aretios Masterclass provides the right concepts and thought processes for upcoming leaders.

From personal experience, when I was at some of my busiest and stressful parts of my career development, it was invaluable to be able to connect with A Team Leaders like Candice and Lauren.”

-Devon M., Michigan, USA


“Taking part in the Masterclass would definitely save someone from having to buy a bunch of different books/resources because they have combined bits and pieces into one course.

The organization of the course is great.”

-Alaina U., Alabama, USA


“I absolutely loved the Masterclass. It was so insightful.

I enjoyed how fun and easy to follow the weekly lessons were, as sometimes taking a class can be difficult while working full-time.

With Aretios, it was seamless.”

-Christina B., Vienna, Austria



Once you complete all of the course materials, receive your certificate for the Aretios Masterclass showing your proficiency in all the hard-earned skills you’ve learned!



This sounds awesome, but I’m not sure I have time right now to go through it! Do I have to follow week by week or finish it by a certain time?

No! In fact, you can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you desire. This class is available for you to access and complete at your own pace. Once inside the masterclass, there are 6 sections of content, and to make it easier for you, we've organized it with one for each week! And don’t worry; once the six weeks are up, you’ll continue to have access to the course and the community that way you can access it whenever you need. Remember, you’re on the A-Team now, and we want to do this adventure with you! We encourage you to listen and re-listen, implement, and discuss each step with us in the community; it's so powerful to be able to share your experience with other like-minded leaders!

How long will it take for me to complete the course?

This is a great question! Because it is self-paced, you can choose to Netflix binge watch everything all in one day if you want or spread it out over a couple of weeks. (For best results and to ensure you are applying to concepts to experience life change, we recommend you do it in the 6 week format). We suggest that you invest at least 1 hour per week to listen, learn, fill out the workbook, and implement the strategies for that section. The great thing about these video lessons is that you can pause in between topics, re-wind to catch something, or take your learning on the go since everything can be accessed digitally! 

Is this course still for me if I’m not sure what my dreams and goals are yet?

Yes! This course is for anyone who wants to live a life of purpose. As part of the course, we will help you define what your dream life looks like and walk you through the process of how to set goals and choose which ones to pursue. Plus, you’ll be able to get inspired by all of the other amazing leaders in the Aretios Masterclass Community and have access to us to answer any additional questions you may have. This will be the exact jumpstart you need.

This course is a big investment. Is it really worth it?

We know it’s an investment, but speaking from our personal experience, when we’ve made an investment in our own growth and personal development, it has always paid off in incredible ways. Robin Sharma says “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” And we couldn’t agree more! Sure, you could take hours to scour the vast internet looking for pieces of the equation, but why would you waste your valuable time and life, trying to reinvent the wheel when you could have a proven blueprint to follow? But don’t just take it from us, here’s what one of our students, Emily, had to say about it, “WOW! I can't believe how good this masterclass was. This is totally worth whatever price you put on this. In this masterclass you helped me walk through my goals and dreams and break them up into smaller steps. I filled out all of my templates and am excited to continually read through them and make my dream life my reality! Thank you so much for making this so fun, practical and life changing!” 

How much work will the class take? Can I do it while going to school or working full time?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so! It’s totally up to you to decide how much work you want to put in. The class will consist of a series of short videos, pdf downloads, and some additional resources. You can listen to the videos while going for a walk with your dog, driving, cleaning the house, or just replace your Netflix ritual for a couple weeks! For best results, we encourage you to follow the suggested course plan and go through the content each week.

How is the course content delivered? 

Great question! We have created course materials that include videos, printable templates and notesheets, as well as podcast-style audio trainings. So, no matter your learning style, you’ll be set! 

Is this course for beginners or people who are more experienced? 

This course is for those who want to live the life of their dreams, but just aren’t sure how or where to start. It’s also for those who are trying to figure out their purpose and how to get what they want in life. We walk you through all the foundational steps to help you discover, design, and live your dream life. 

It is also for those of you who are already making things happen, who have big goals and want to supercharge your results. We’ll help you fine tune your skills, sharpen your strategy, and maximize your influence and impact. Just as professional athletes still practice their drills, you can never wear out the fundamentals. We’ve been studying these topics and strategies for years, and continue to invest time doing so. Personal growth is a lifelong pursuit! (We even take our own course periodically to brush up on our skills!)

Do I have a guarantee that I will reach my goals?

No. We can't give you this guarantee because it is totally up to you. But we do promise to share with you what we believe is needed to start living the life of your dreams and a community of other like-minded leaders who will be there to support and encourage you on the journey! Now is your time! 

Do I get access to you guys if I have questions or get stuck on something while taking the course?

Definitely! This is one of the BEST parts of the Aretios Masterclass Community! We really enjoy connecting and helping you guys reach your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted! Each month there will be live group coaching calls where you’ll be able to get your questions answered, and you can always reach out to us in the community or via email at We’re on your team, and our goal is to see you be successful!



Nice to meet you! We’re Candice & Lauren, founders of Aretios and your mentors for the Aretios Masterclass: How to Start Living Your Dream Life.

We are success and influence strategists for the next generation of leaders, bringing more than a decade of study in leadership, personal development, communication, teams, and high performance; our master’s degrees in executive leadership; background as a college professor of leadership and a community advocate; over 13 years of being leadership trainers for young adults; and our personal experience with success in making our dreams a reality. And now we want to help YOU do the same!

We believe that all you need is a proven system of success strategies to follow, a community of like-minded support, and the time-saving strategies that will help you get it all done! That’s exactly why we’ve created the Aretios Masterclass — so that your dreams don’t have to wait any longer.

We couldn’t be more excited to have you on this adventure with us as we all live lives of purpose, influence, and adventure! Are you ready? Let’s do it!



At this point you have two options:

You can either try to figure things out on your own by spending hours searching on Google, attempting to piece together bits of information from Youtube, blogs, Pinterest, and articles. This is an overwhelming process, and it may take you years before you even start to see a change.


You can start implementing our success strategies using our experience and years of study to find what actually works. This way you can get all the tools to start living your dreams in the next 42 days and be our next success story!

Here’s the deal. This system works if you will. And the first step is to take action by enrolling today.

Which will you choose?




  • 6 Interactive Video Modules

  • Bonus Masterclass Workbook


    • Aretios Masterclass Notesheets

    • Stories & Action Steps

    • Aretios Masterclass Templates

    • Curated Weekly Resources for Further Study

  • 6 Bonus Chat with Us Audios

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions

    *access to at least 6 LIVE sessions or recordings of LIVE group coaching sessions

  • Private Masterclass Community

  • Bonus Productivity Plan with Audio Training