the daily

THE DAILY $21.00

THE DAILY $21.00


Our favorite tool for practicing daily gratitude, goal setting, affirmations, and reflections.

The Daily is your tool for helping you maximize your mornings and implement daily practices that will help to supercharge your efforts to make your dreams and goals a reality. It starts with an explanation of the tool and exactly how and why to apply these four power practices of Gratitude, Goals, Affirmations & Reflection—habits that are a common trait among super achievers across decades. Then each morning you’ll follow the prompts to complete the journal entry and wrap it up in the evening by jotting a quick reflection.

At the beginning of each week, you’ll find a short thought to keep you growing and inspired. When you reach the end of the month, there is a guided monthly review to help you evaluate your progress and gear up for the next 30 days. Each seasonal edition of The Daily highlights a new color scheme, new weekly thoughts, and a new location…because we’re all about adventure. You’ll find amazing photos of these incredible places throughout and a destination feature in the back.

You’ll be amazed at difference these power practices make when you turn them into daily habits!

Product Details: Width: 5.5 inches Height: 8.5 inches, 123 pages (Released each season: every 3 months)